What Does Mindy Write?

The F Word by Mindy Klasky

Paranormal Romantic Comedy

Witches, vampires, and warders, plus a wide range of other magical creatures! Mindy’s paranormal romcoms include the Washington Witches, Washington Vampires, Washington Medical: Vampire Ward, and Washington Warders Series (all in the Magical Washington Universe), along with the As You Wish Series, about a genie who helps women who work in the theater.

Harmony Lights by Mindy Klasky

Contemporary Romance

Heroes and heroines who earn their Happy Ever Afters! Mindy’s spicy contemporary romances include the Love in the Age of Covid Series (romantic comedy), the Diamond Brides Series (baseball romance), and True Love Classics (small town romance, with a few other beloved tropes thrown in). These books are filled with sweet emotion and spicy love. 

Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky



Brave young women who break their societies’ rules, fighting authority to deliver justice and peace to those in need! Mindy’s fantasy novels include the Keara’s Raven Series, the Lost Guild Series, and Season of Sacrifice (a stand-alone novel).

Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky



Mindy has a number of books that don’t fit into traditional categories, including a psychological thriller, anthologies that she has edited, and non-fiction books about writing. She has also written short stories and essays that are collected in volumes with other authors’ works.

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Love may be blind, but making this relationship work is a real eye-opener!

Plus-size Amber Bergen thinks dating apps are a waste of time. Vampire Trevor Keene never imagined he’d be matched with his best friend’s little sister. But one kiss later, this life-long friendship is changing into something more…