The Glasswrights Series

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The Glasswrights’ Apprentice: Rani Trader was born a merchant, but now she’s an apprentice in the prestigious Glasswrights’ Guild. When Rani witnesses a murder, she’s accused of being the killer. On the run, she must masquerade through her kingdom’s strict castes as she attempts to discover the actual assassin. Will she find the real killer before her own life is forfeit?

The Glasswrights’ Progress: Rani Trader has survived the destruction of her family, her glasswrights’ guild, and all that she held dear. When she is kidnapped from her new home in the royal palace, she must depend on her wits—fighting an enemy king in a distant land, a tyrant willing to use innocent children to fight his bloody battles. Will Rani defeat the Little Army? Or will she be forced to join it?

The Glasswrights’ Journeyman: Rani Trader’s beloved homeland has been devastated by fire, and she vows to help King Halaravilli rebuild. Soon, though, she must choose between her love for her king, the mercenary power of the Spiderguild silk merchants, and the siren call of the Players, traveling entertainers who know the glassmaking secrets Rani craves. Will Rani be true to herself? Or will she sacrifice for the land she loves?

The Glasswrights’ Test: Rani Trader has finally been summoned by her exiled Glasswrights Guild, invited to test for the rank of master. She has craved such acceptance for years, and she has high hopes that her past mistakes will finally be forgiven. But Rani will be tested on far more than glassmaking. She soon learns that the lives of others hang in the balance. Can she pass the test and still remain true to people she loves?

The Glasswrights’ Master: Rani Trader has fled her homeland, escaping just as enemy armies invade. Now she must make the hardest bargain of her life—negotiating safety for herself, her king, and the royal heir. At the same time, she struggles to control mystical powers that are rising within her. As armies line up for the final battle, will Rani become the master of her fate—and her guild?

The Glasswrights Series, an omnibus (“five-in-one”) edition containing all five volumes of the Glasswrights Series, is available as an ebook.