Season of Sacrifice by Mindy Klasky

Season of Sacrifice

The lives of two children hang in the balance!

In Season of Sacrifice, Alana Woodsinger was not ready to accept the responsibility of being the religious leader of her people, but the Great Tree chose her. Now Alana’s people count on her to guide them, to give them hope for the future. During a spring celebration, two village children are kidnapped by wily visitors from the inland. Alana must find a way to use her unwished-for powers to guide a trio of villagers in rescuing the children. But darker forces are soon at work and great sacrifices must be made when the children decide they do not want to be saved…

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Season of Sacrifice is a good, entertaining stand-alone novel that takes a fresh look at the way two distinctly different cultures clash, yet rely upon one another, and how they relate where it counts.

– Green Man Review