In Mindy’s fun paranormal novels, everyday women encounter supernatural creatures.  The Magical Washington Universe includes the Washington Witches Series, the Washington Vampires Series, the Washington Warders Series, and the Washington Medical: Vampire Ward Series. While each series can be read in the series order listed below, some readers might want to read all the Magical Washington Universe books in time order. Here’s a convenient chart, showing that order.

And if Magical Washington isn’t your thing, there’s always the As You Wish series, about a genie who helps women who work in the theater!


The Washington Witches Series

Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft

Jane Madison has a problem. Or two. Or three. She has a desperate crush on a man who doesn’t know she exists. Her doting grandmother insists she meet her long-absent mother. She’s working as a librarian, trapped in a job that can’t pay what she’s worth. And then, she finds out she’s a witch! Will magic solve Jane’s problems? Or only bring her more disasters?

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Sorcery and the Single Girl

Jane Madison has been invited to join the prestigious Washington Coven—provided she passes their difficult test. If she fails, she’ll lose her beloved books, her feline familiar, and her hunky warder. But Jane’s handsome new boyfriend is awfully distracting, and her new witchy friend keeps urging her to break the rules.  Will Jane meet the Coven’s challenge? Or is she washed up as a Washington witch?

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Magic and the Modern Girl

Jane learns a magical lesson the hard way: use it or lose it! Her neglected powers are disappearing, her handsome warder David Montrose is ignoring her, and her cat-like familiar has moved out of her home. Even her family life is in chaos. (Really, what octogenarian grandmother gets married—with orange-and-silver bridesmaid dresses?) Will Jane’s last-ditch spell restore order to her world?

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The Jane Madison Series, Volumes 1-3

Three light paranormal romances about Jane Madison, a librarian who finds out that she’s a witch. This single ebook contains Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, Sorcery and the Single Girl, and Magic and the Modern Girl.  Plus, there are bonus recipes related to the story!

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Capitol Magic

Jane Madison, former librarian, is searching for a career to fulfill her. Sarah Anderson, clerk of court, is just beginning to figure out what she can do as a guardian of vampires. Magic flies when Jane and Sarah team up to protect a rare collection of books. Along the way, both women need to balance personal goals, professional careers, and their often-unwieldy love lives!

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Single Witch’s Survival Guide

Librarian-witch Jane Madison’s life is perfect: she’s opened a school for witches. Alas, Jane never thought her students would be so challenging. And she didn’t think Hecate’s Court would mandate a Major Working by Halloween. And she never imagined she and her warder-boyfriend David would end up fighting about everything!  Can Jane find a survival guide in time to rescue the Jane Madison Academy—and everything else she holds dear?

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Joy of Witchcraft

Jane Madison’s school for witches is in session, but the students’ first ritual releases a monstrous satyr. Jane barely manages to vanquish the beast. Once the crisis is averted, she’d be perfectly happy to plan her wedding. But when more monsters appear, she realizes one of her students must be a traitor. Will Jane find the turncoat before she loses everything—and everyone—she holds dear?

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“Dreaming of a Witch Christmas”

Jane Madison needs to find a Yule gift for her warder David Montrose. A pen set and a necktie would be easy, but those are hardly gifts of the heart. Fortunately, Jane does a little witchy research and discovers the perfect present. But now that she’s found it, she’s not certain she can afford it – in terms of money or of magic! Will Yule turn out to be the most wonderful time of the year? Or is Jane destined for a blue Christmas?

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 Nice Witches Don’t Swear

Jane Madison is ready for a road trip.  Heading to a nice, sedate Shakespeare festival, she never expected to drive straight into the mother of all thunderstorms. And she never imagined she’d discover a treasured book on witchcraft in a tiny local library. And honey badgers? She never dreamed she’d run into ravening, rampaging honey badgers. Spells work differently in Assjacket, West Virginia. How quickly can Jane forge a path through the magic and mayhem?

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The Washington Vampires Series


Fright Court

Sarah Anderson found her dream job: Clerk of Court for the District of Columbia Night Court.  But after she’s attacked by a supernatural defendant, she’s forced to take self-defense lessons from her boss, the enigmatic vampire James Morton.  When a deceptively easy-going reporter starts to ask questions, Sarah wonders just what answers she’s supposed to give. Will Sarah be able to create order in the court?

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“Stake Me Out to the Ball Game”

Ava Buchanan is a vampire with a toothache! Desperate for distraction she heads to a baseball game. At the stadium, she finds herself seated next to the perfect man, Dennis Maugham. There’s just one catch: Dennis is human. Can Ava gain her heart’s desire while continuing to hide her supernatural existence?

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Law and Murder

Sarah Anderson’s testimony at the supernatural night court might be enough to put a bloodthirsty villain behind bars forever—but first she has to figure out the scope of her own magical powers. When an ancient foe threatens the courthouse, Sarah’s arcane training goes into overdrive. At the same time, she must decide if she wants to kiss her vampire boss or to kill him. Will Sarah learn to embrace the magic within her? Or will she die trying?

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The Washington Warders Series


The Library, the Witch, and the Warder

David Montrose has a problem. Or two. Or three. Fired from protecting Washington’s witches, he’s stuck in a dead-end clerical job. His father says he’s disgraced the family name. And instead of sympathizing, his best friend is dragging him into an all-out supernatural war. When David is summoned back to warder status, he must figure out how to juggle work, warfare, and warding—or all of magical Washington will pay the price!

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The Washington Medical: Vampire Ward Series


The Witch Doctor Is In

Dr. Ashley McDonnell, a witch, has lost her magical powers and the supernatural hospital she manages is threatened with being shut down. Life becomes even more complicated when Secret Service agent and newly turned vampire Nick Raines appears in the ER. Can Ash regain her magic when the vampire making her hormones hum may be the man sabotaging her career

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Fae’s Anatomy

Titania Silveroak is a fae princess, a con artist, and a runaway bride. Jonathan Weaver is a vampire, a doctor, and a humorless SOB. When Titania flees her controlling bridegroom, she bankrolls her escape by stealing Jonathan’s wallet, never dreaming that she and her mark must join forces to defeat a kidnapper and banish Titania’s would-be fiancé forever!

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The As You Wish Series

“Wishful Thinking”

When actress Kelly Reilly learns that her boyfriend accepted a role on Broadway without a word of discussion, she’s devastated. Rescue arrives in the form of a genie, but Kelly’s first wish goes dramatically awry. Can Kelly right that wrong, get her love life back on track, and advance her career? Or will all her hopes amount to nothing more than wishful thinking?

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Act One, Wish One

(Previously released as How Not to Make a Wish.) Stage manager Kira Franklin discovers a brass lamp complete with a wish-granting genie. Her first wish is easy—a job on a prestigious avant-garde production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. But how many more wishes will Kira need to succeed in that dream job, especially with her love life in the balance?

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Wishing in the Wings

(Previously released as When Good Wishes Go Bad.) Becca Morris loves being a theater producer until her boyfriend steals her heart and all the theater’s funds.  But Becca catches a break when she receives a wish-granting genie’s lamp. She can get the theater back on track with a play by an adorably awkward playwright, if she can secure financing.  How hard can it be to wish a way to love and success?

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Wish Upon a Star

(Previously released as To Wish or Not to Wish.) Actress Erin Hollister’s life is a disaster—she loses her day job, her boyfriend, and her home. Everything changes, though, when Erin finds a magic lamp, complete with a wish-granting genie! Alas, Erin realizes she loves her genie—and when she makes her last wish, he’ll be out of her life forever.  What’s a wishing girl to do?

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The As You Wish Series

Four light paranormal romances about a magic lamp, a wish-granting genie, and backstage life in the theater. “Wishful Thinking” (about an actress), Act One, Wish One (about a stage manager), Wishing in the Wings (about a producer), and Wish Upon a Star (about a different actress) tell stories about strong women, the plays they create, and the men they love!

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