As You Wish Series


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The complete As You Wish series in one bundle! This boxed set includes:

“Wishful Thinking”: Kelly Reilly’s acting career and love life are spiraling out of control before she receives a magic lamp, complete with a gender-bending, wish-granting genie.

Act One, Wish One: Kira Franklin, a stage manager, wishes to find true love while working on a production of Romeo and Juliet. Soon she has to decide between a gorgeous actor and a steady-going set designer—before her last wish runs out.

Wishing in the Wings: Producer Becca Morris gets the lamp—and the opportunity to make a difference with a brilliant new play (and its adorkable playwright), but only if she can find a way to finance the production before she runs out of wishes.

Wish Upon a Star: Erin Hollister, an actress, uses the lamp to land the musical theater role—and the man—of her dreams. But will she give up everything for a genie’s true love?

The As You Wish Series, an omnibus edition containing the entire As You Wish Series, is available as an ebook. (Books in this box set were formerly released as How Not to Make a Wish, When Good Wishes Go Bad, and To Wish or Not To Wish.)