Mindy has a number of books that don’t fit into traditional categories.  She has edited two anthologies of short fiction. She has a “sampler” that includes the first chapters of twenty-seven of her books. She has two non-fiction books about writing. And she’s written short stories and essays that are collected in volumes with other authors’ works.


Eight Kisses

Mindy co-edited this anthology–eight all-new tales of Hanukkah romance. It contains Mindy’s story “Harmony Lights”, set in the same romantic small town as the Harmony Springs Series.

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Nevertheless, She Persisted

Mindy edited this anthology–nineteen Book View Café authors celebrate women who persist through tales of triumph—in the past, present, future, and other worlds. It contains Mindy’s story “Tumbling Blocks.”

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A Mindy Klasky Sampler

This free book contains the first chapters of many of Mindy’s novels. As tempting as a box of chocolates, this sampler lets you explore the Diamond Brides Series, the Harmony Springs Series, the Washington Witches Series, the Washington Vampires Series, the As You Wish Series, the Glasswrights Series, and much more. Twenty-seven first tastes for you to sample—find the novels that are right for you! Because who doesn’t need a little fun, passion, and fantasy?

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The Rational Writer: Nuts and Bolts

The first step-by-step guide to project management for writers, equally suited to authors who self publish or publish traditionally. Topics include strategic planning, time management, tracking data, quantifying career success, and specialized issues in successful publishing. (This book includes passwords for personalizable spreadsheets and legal forms.)

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The Rational Writer: A to Z

An A to Z guide suitable for up-and-coming independent authors or established traditional authors.  Topics include critique groups, editing, health, networking and social media, query letters, synopses, and much more.

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Short Stories


“The Darkbeast” is a short story available in Fantastic Companions, edited by Julie Czerneda.  It tells the story of a young woman who must weigh her love for her closest friend against the deepest-held beliefs of her society. This story became the basis for the Darkbeast Chronicles (Rebel Flight and Rebel Lost.)

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“Catalog of Woe” is a short story available in Space, Inc., edited by Julie Czerneda.  It tells the story of a librarian in a unique situation to save an entire species from extinction — if she only has the courage to act.

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“Saving the Skychildren” is a short story that was published in the magazine Realms of Fantasy, October 2000.  It became the second chapter of The Glasswrights’ Progress.











UsualPath“April is the Cruellest Month” is an essay available in The Usual Path to Publication, edited by Shannon Page.  It relates the story of how Mindy got “the call”, finding out that her first novel had sold.

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“Joys and Jeremiads of Traditional Fantasy” is an essay available in Nebula Awards Showcase 2003, edited by Nancy Kress.  It looks at the challenge of publishing fantasy stories that appeal to adults in an age that is dominated by children’s books and fairy tales.