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The Rational Writer: Nuts and Bolts is the first step-by-step guide to project management for writers, and it’s equally suited to independent authors who self-publish their own books and traditional authors with publishing contracts from large or small presses. Mindy shares more than 20 years of publishing experience to help writers spend more time writing books and less time managing business details. Topics include:

  • Strategic Planning for Success:  Defining a mission statement, setting precise goals, developing concrete strategies, and implementing specific actions to build your career.
  • Time Management for Success:  Quantifying time allocation, identifying challenges to time management, and creating a tactical plan to meet all deadlines for print and ebook publication.
  • Tracking Data for Success:  Identifying metadata for successful promotion of books and tracking those metadata across multiple books, series, and genres.
  • Quantifying Career Success:  Monitoring freelance income, recording business deductions, and tracking books sold.
  • Specialized Issue in Successful Publishing:  Executing rapid-release publishing for a series and creating and marketing multi-author boxed sets.

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