In Mindy’s contemporary romance novels, every hero and heroine finds their Happy Ever After. From the Diamond Brides Series — featuring sexy players on the Raleigh Rockets baseball team — to the Harmony Springs Series — set in a small town in the Shenandoah Valley — Mindy’s romance novels are filled with sweet emotion and hot action. (There are even a couple of Harlequin Special Editions to round out your reading!)

The Diamond Brides Series


Perfect Pitch

Love is forbidden as beauty queen Samantha Winger prepares to launch a pageant-sponsored music program for kids. Samantha is willing to follow the rules until left-handed pitcher DJ Thomas throws her a wild pitch—a very public kiss neither of them can forget.

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Catching Hell

At age thirty-seven, Zach Ormond is in the last year of his no-trade contract. Twenty-five-year-old Anna Benson has taken over team management. When Zach realizes Anna is no longer a star-struck kid, their passion flares.  But after an accident forces the team to land a new player, Anna must sacrifice Zach for the Rockets. He’s doing everything he can to stay on the team and in her bed. How can they live happily ever?

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Reaching First

Tyler Brock’s life is a mess—he owes community service for starting a bar fight, plus he lives with deep shame because he can’t read. When he’s assigned to work for Emily Holt, he’s in even bigger trouble. Emily is beautiful, uptight, and ready to shed her virginity.  They hit it off.  But when Tyler shirks his community service, Emily must hold him accountable. Can shared secrets save this mismatched pair?

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Triple Play I

Three hot contemporary baseball romances by USA Today bestselling author Mindy Klasky, in one sizzling volume: Perfect Pitch, Catching Hell, and Reaching First.

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Second Thoughts

Photographer Jamie Martin is thrilled to land a job with the Rockets baseball team—until she learns she must work with her ex, Nick Durban, who doesn’t even know he fathered her child. Jamie is so determined to keep Nick out of her life that she tries online dating, never dreaming he’s her perfect electronic match.  Can this out-of-sync couple learn to trust each other again?

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Third Degree

Chef Ashley Harris and baseball player Josh Cantor both want to own a restaurant.  When a cooking reality show comes to Raleigh, Ashley and Josh must compete against each other to achieve their dreams—even when the flames in the bedroom roar higher than the ones in their kitchens.  In the end, only one of them can win Who Wears the Apron.  Will their relationship survive this trial by fire?

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Stopping Short

Bad boy Drew Marshall will be cut from the team unless spin doctor Jessica Barnes can save him. Her campaign spirals out of control, though, when a teammate announces she’s Drew’s secret fiancée. The couple crafts a fake relationship to satisfy reporters, even as they try to resist an attraction hotter than the Florida weather. Can their relationship survive when it’s built on lies?

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Triple Play II

Three hot contemporary baseball romances by USA Today bestselling author Mindy Klasky, in one sizzling volume: Second Thoughts, Third Degree, and Stopping Short.

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From Left Field

Adam Sartain has a reputation for helping out in the community. Haley Thurman is literally the girl next door. Haley dreams of buying a neighboring farm for her animal shelter. But Adam’s manager has cleaned out his bank account, and the only way he can regain his fortune is to buy the farm and build condos. Can Adam and Haley stay friends—or more—when the farm hangs in the balance?

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Center Stage

Actress Lindsey Ormond has been left at the altar for the second time in two years. Ryan Green keeps life simple—play ball and have fun. Before long, Ryan is showing Lindsey just how much she’s been missing—in the bedroom and beyond. But Lindsey’s brother disapproves, and he’s a team exec. Will Ryan stand up for Lindsey? Or will he choose his career and send Lindsey back to living alone?

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Always Right

Lawyer Amanda Carter is courting financial disaster. If she doesn’t win her current case, her career will crash to a humiliating end. Right fielder Kyle Norton is convinced Amanda is the key to breaking his hitting slump. Kyle needs Amanda at every game. Amanda needs to bury herself in work. Soon, they’re locked in battle but united by passion. Can either one be always right?

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Triple Play III

Three hot contemporary baseball romances by USA Today bestselling author Mindy Klasky, in one sizzling volume: From Left Field, Center Stage, and Always Right.

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Grand Slam

Nine hot contemporary baseball romances by USA Today bestselling author Mindy Klasky, in one sizzling volume: Perfect Pitch, Catching Hell, Reaching First, Second Thoughts, Third Degree, Stopping Short, From Left Field, Center Stage, and Always Right.

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The Harmony Spring Series

Harmony Christmas

Lexi Taylor survived a terrible fire. Tom Finnegan survived Afghanistan. When Tom literally stumbles into Lexi’s holiday store, he shatters dozens of ornaments, not to mention Lexi’s peace of mind. The only way he can repay her is to take on handyman work in her store. But “other duties as assigned” takes on new meaning when sparks sizzle between the couple. Can they heal each other’s scars?

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Harmony Hearts

Matt Dawson, returning baseball hero, is opening a discount store in Harmony Springs. Emily Barton, who has an unfortunate romantic past with Matt, runs a knitting store on Main Street. When Emily recognizes a threat to the downtown shopping district, she organizes a grassroots campaign. Will she succeed at driving the American Discount store out of town—and Matt out of her life—forever?

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Harmony Hero

Twenty-six-year-old Anne Barton has a secret: when she was twelve she caused a horrific fire. Forty-four-year-old firefighter Will O’Hara has his own secret: he’s terrified of public speaking. When a charity stunt pits Anne against Will, they recognize their burning attraction for each other — but in this May-December relationship someone is sure to get burned!


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 Three Part Harmony

Three sweet and spicy small town contemporary baseball romances by USA Today bestselling author Mindy Klasky, in one heartwarming volume: Christmas Harmony, Harmony Hearts, and Harmony Hero.

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Special Editions


The Daddy Dance

Injured ballerina Kat Morehouse has come home to Eden Falls. She hopes to convalesce and help out her overburdened mom, caring for her niece and restoring her mother’s dance studio. Handyman Rye Harmon is ready to leave his hometown forever. But soon Kat is swooning over her old high school crush, and Rye returns the favor. Can this couple master the two-step before it’s too late?

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The Mogul’s Maybe Marriage

Ethan Hartwell receives an ultimatum:  Marry by the end of the year or lose the company he loves. Reluctantly, he seeks out the only one-night-stand he’s never forgotten. Former foster kid Sloane Davenport is pregnant with Ethan’s unexpected child. She won’t marry for anything less than respect and partnership and love. Ethan has a secret. Sloane’s put all her cards on the table. Can they successfully negotiate a merger of hearts?

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