Contemporary Romance

Heroes and heroines who earn their Happy Ever Afters! Mindy’s spicy contemporary romances include the Women’s Work Series (romantic women’s fiction), the Diamond Brides Series (baseball romance), and True Love Classics (small town romance, with a few other beloved tropes thrown in). These books are filled with sweet emotion and spicy love. 

The Women’s Work Series

The C Word by Mindy Klasky

Katie McIntyre Hits a Home Run

The F Word by Mindy Klasky

Jennifer Price Lives a Charmed Life

The B Word by Mindy Klasky

Emily Holcomb Bakes a New Cake

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The Diamond Brides Series

Perfect Pitch by Mindy Klasky

Perfect Pitch

Catching Hell by Mindy Klasky

Catching Hell

Reaching First by Mindy Klasky

Reaching First

Second Thoughts by Mindy Klasky

Second Thoughts

Third Degree by Mindy Klasky

Third Degree

Stopping Short by Mindy Klasky

Stopping Short

From Left Field by Mindy Klasky

From Left Field

Center Stage by Mindy Klasky

Center Stage

Always Right by Mindy Klasky

Always Right

Triple Play I by Mindy Klasky

Triple Play I (Diamond Brides Volumes 1-3)

Triple Play II by Mindy Klasky

Triple Play II (Diamond Brides Volumes 4-6)

Triple Play III by Mindy Klasky

Triple Play III (Diamond Brides Volumes 7-9)

Grand Slam by Mindy Klasky

Grand Slam (Diamond Brides Complete Series)

True Love Classics

Harmony Christmas by Mindy Klasky

Harmony Christmas

Harmony Hearts by Mindy Klasky

Harmony Hearts

Harmony Hero by Mindy Klasky

Harmony Hero

Three Part Harmony by Mindy Klasky

Three Part Harmony (Harmony Springs Volumes 1-3)

Harmony Lights by Mindy Klasky

Harmony Lights

Small Town Daddy Dance by Mindy Klasky

Small Town Daddy Dance

The Mogul's Unexpected Baby by Mindy Klasky

The Mogul’s Unexpected Baby

Love may be blind, but making this relationship work is a real eye-opener!

Plus-size Amber Bergen thinks dating apps are a waste of time. Vampire Trevor Keene never imagined he’d be matched with his best friend’s little sister. But one kiss later, this life-long friendship is changing into something more…