A Vampire Bundle!

A Vampire Bundle!

Just in time for Halloween!

Washington Vampires: The Complete Series


The Washington Vampires series is now available in one convenient bundle!  That’s Fright Court, Law and Murder, High Stakes Trial, and the stand-alone short story “Stake Me Out to the Ball Game.” This bundle is available as ebook only — there were too many pages for me to print them all in one volume!

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Magical Washington: Four in Hand

Magical Washington: Four in Hand

One of the most common questions I get is, “Which of your books should I read first?”

The answer is, “Whichever one sounds most interesting to you! And you can read the first chapter of every one of them, for free, on my website!”

But a lot of folks still wonder what order to read the Magical Washington books.  I have a fun little chart that tells people the way the books relate to each other. But some people don’t know if they should read about witches first. Or vampires. Or warders. Or the magical hospital where all of them go to recover from threats to their supernatural health.

So, I decided to make things easy for folks. I decided to put the first book in every Magical Washington series into one boxed set.

A librarian who finds out she’s a witch—Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft.

A clerk of court for the vampire night court—Fright Court.

A warder who juggles work, warfare, and protecting Washington’s witches—The Library, the Witch, and the Warder.

A witch who loses her powers the night a Secret Service agent vampire appears in her hospital’s emergency room—The Witch Doctor Is In.

A little romance… A lot of magic… These four complete novels will show you the paranormal power behind the scenes in the nation’s capital!

Magical Washington: Four in Hand is available in stores today. I hope you’ll check it out!  (And once you own this great boxed set, you can start with whichever book you’d like!)

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Stake Me Out to the Ball Game

A couple of years ago, I heard about a brilliant publishing effort:  The Uncollected Anthology. Seven authors banded together to publish urban fantasy short stories.  Each quarter, they chose a theme, each author wrote a story centered on the theme, each author published her story independently, and all the authors shared telling the world about their work.

Imagine how excited I was when the Uncollected Anthology invited me to be a guest author! This quarter’s theme is “Heart’s Desires.” And my story is part of my Washington Vampires Series (in the Magical Washington universe.)

Here’s what “Stake Me Out to the Ball Game” is about:

Hell hath no fury like a vampire with a toothache…

Vampire Ava Buchanan has a pain in the fang, and the first available dentist appointment is forty-eight hours away. Desperate for distraction, she heads downtown for a baseball game.

At the stadium, she meets Dennis Maugham, a man who soon turns tooth-throb into heart-throb. Dennis is knowledgeable about baseball, he’s emotionally available, and he seems like the perfect companion for an evening out—or maybe even more.

There’s just one catch: Dennis is human. Can Ava gain her heart’s desire while continuing to hide her supernatural existence?

You can buy your copy here:


But that’s not all!  You can check out all the Heart’s Desires stories!

  Leah Cutter’s “The Perfect Shoes”

  Dayle A. Dermatis’s “Love Flu”

  Rebecca Senese’s “Heart Talk”

  Leslie Claire Walker’s “Real Girl”

  And now, the “Uncollected” anthology is actually collected!  You can buy all five stories in one convenient volume, available at a number of vendors.

I’m try honored to be part of this fun publishing venture.  I hope you’ll enjoy “Stake Me Out to the Ball Game” — and that you’ll check out the other Heart’s Desires stories too!