Bookbub Joins the Fun!

Bookbub Joins the Fun!

In case you missed it…

Bookbub has joined in on the 15th Anniversary celebration for Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft!

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Join in the fun! Toast fifteen amazing years of romantic comedy with a witchy twist!

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Washington Witches—15th Anniversary Editions!

Washington Witches—15th Anniversary Editions!

What were you doing, fifteen years ago today?

Me? I was putting the finishing touches on Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, the first volume of my Washington Witches Series. I was about to hit “Send” to convey it to New York, where it was published by Red Dress Ink, changing my authorial life completely!

And today, I get to celebrate that anniversary with all of you! How?

I’ve issued the complete Washington Witches Series with all new covers!

I adore these covers because they convey the tone of the entire series—from Jane’s spunky approach to her powers to David’s stern attitude about warding. (And Neko! I always love Neko!)

And see those gold badges on each cover? They say, “15th Anniversary Edition.” But even more importantly, they say “All New Author’s Note.”

Every new book has a note from me—sort of a friendly, chatty afterword. In one book, I tell you how I came to write the entire Washington Witches series. In another, I tell you about my experiences with a group of mean girls all too like the Washington Coven. I share recipes and jokes and some of my favorite moments from the past fifteen years.

So, if you’ve already read the Washington Witches Series, consider getting a new copy, so you can enjoy both the new cover and my notes. And if you haven’t read the books yet, you can still join in the anniversary celebration!

To sweeten the deal, Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft is on sale for a limited time—only $0.99 on all ebook platforms!

You can see all the covers in more detail and read about each book in the series (including the entire first chapter of every novel for free!) by clicking on the link below.

Happy anniversary!

He Says… She Says…

He Says… She Says…

Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft is one of my most popular books. It tells the story of a librarian who finds out she’s a witch. Along the way, we meet Jane Madison (the librarian), her familiar, her best friend, her doting grandmother, her crazy mother, and her Imaginary Boyfriend (the library patron she has a mad crush on.)

We also meet her warder, David Montrose. David is Jane’s astral protector, assigned to keep an eye on her magical workings. He shows up in a bad mood, and things go downhill from there.


Through the years, I’ve speculated about why David is in such a bad mood. Later books in the series make it clear that he has a lot on his plate,  including political machinations that Jane can’t imagine. The more I contemplated David’s character, the more I realized he needed to tell his story — including his encounter with Jane. Thus, The Library, the Witch, and the Warder was born.

Jane and David only share half a dozen scenes in their first books. Each has a fulfilling life outside the scope of the other. But the more I thought about those shared lives, the more I realized Girl’s Guide and LWW needed to be published together. Readers can flip between the stories. They can search for the same words of dialog and read the common scenes from each character’s perspective. They can get two books for not much more than the price of one.

So? What are you waiting for?

Get your copy of Magical Washington: Witch and Warder today!

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Magical Washington: Four in Hand

Magical Washington: Four in Hand

One of the most common questions I get is, “Which of your books should I read first?”

The answer is, “Whichever one sounds most interesting to you! And you can read the first chapter of every one of them, for free, on my website!”

But a lot of folks still wonder what order to read the Magical Washington books.  I have a fun little chart that tells people the way the books relate to each other. But some people don’t know if they should read about witches first. Or vampires. Or warders. Or the magical hospital where all of them go to recover from threats to their supernatural health.

So, I decided to make things easy for folks. I decided to put the first book in every Magical Washington series into one boxed set.

A librarian who finds out she’s a witch—Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft.

A clerk of court for the vampire night court—Fright Court.

A warder who juggles work, warfare, and protecting Washington’s witches—The Library, the Witch, and the Warder.

A witch who loses her powers the night a Secret Service agent vampire appears in her hospital’s emergency room—The Witch Doctor Is In.

A little romance… A lot of magic… These four complete novels will show you the paranormal power behind the scenes in the nation’s capital!

Magical Washington: Four in Hand is available in stores today. I hope you’ll check it out!  (And once you own this great boxed set, you can start with whichever book you’d like!)

Buy your ebook today:  

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Nice Witches Don’t Swear Returns!

Nice Witches Don’t Swear Returns!

When New York Times Bestselling Author Robyn Peterman invited me to write a story in her Magic and Mayhem Universe, I couldn’t believe my good fortune.  Robyn’s an amazing writer — she’s funny and smart, and she knows how to give every one of her readers an over-the-top good time.

Wait.  Let me back up.  Do you know what the Magic and Mayhem Universe is?

The brilliant Robyn Peterman created Magic and Mayhem, a world full of crazy-fun characters, settings, and rules of magic… And then Robyn invited a number of mere mortals — um, including me — to write stories in that world. I was allowed to bring along any character I wanted.  (Of course, I knew I was bringing Jane Madison.) And I could write any story inspired by Robyn’s zany books. Ta-da!  Nice Witches Don’t Swear was born!

One of the best things about this story:  If you like Jane’s visit to Assjacket, West Virginia, you’ve got dozens more Magic and Mayhem Universe stories to love! Tap or click here to see all the Magic and Mayhem Universe stories!

And the very best thing of all?  You can buy Magic and Mayhem Universe stories from all your usual ebook vendors — Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and Kobo.  So what are you waiting for?  Get ready to laugh yourself silly!

Buy your ebook today:  


Have I Got a Deal For You!

Have I Got a Deal For You!

For the past five years, I’ve published most of my books with Book View Cafe, an author-run publishing cooperative. BVC is a fantastic community; the 50+ members are all experienced authors with astonishing insights into writing, producing email and print books, marketing those books to the reading public, and generally going about the hard work of being a published author.

BVC has its own bookstore, where readers can buy .mobi (Kindle format) or .epub (most other e-readers) for the same price or less than books are sold at other online vendors. Each month, in addition to featuring our new releases, BVC offers a handful of books on sale.

And this month — starting today — I’m thrilled to announce that BVC is offering the best discount ever on the first three volumes of my Washington Witches Series. Yes. You can buy Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft, Sorcery and the Single Girl, and Magic and the Modern Girl — three full-length novels — for just $0.99.

How do you get this amazing deal?  Just click here.

But hurry, because this deal won’t last forever.

And while you’re in the BVC bookstore, check out the other books by my fellow cooperative authors!