He Says… She Says…

He Says… She Says…

Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft is one of my most popular books. It tells the story of a librarian who finds out she’s a witch. Along the way, we meet Jane Madison (the librarian), her familiar, her best friend, her doting grandmother, her crazy mother, and her Imaginary Boyfriend (the library patron she has a mad crush on.)

We also meet her warder, David Montrose. David is Jane’s astral protector, assigned to keep an eye on her magical workings. He shows up in a bad mood, and things go downhill from there.


Through the years, I’ve speculated about why David is in such a bad mood. Later books in the series make it clear that he has a lot on his plate,  including political machinations that Jane can’t imagine. The more I contemplated David’s character, the more I realized he needed to tell his story — including his encounter with Jane. Thus, The Library, the Witch, and the Warder was born.

Jane and David only share half a dozen scenes in their first books. Each has a fulfilling life outside the scope of the other. But the more I thought about those shared lives, the more I realized Girl’s Guide and LWW needed to be published together. Readers can flip between the stories. They can search for the same words of dialog and read the common scenes from each character’s perspective. They can get two books for not much more than the price of one.

So? What are you waiting for?

Get your copy of Magical Washington: Witch and Warder today!

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Magical Washington: Four in Hand

Magical Washington: Four in Hand

One of the most common questions I get is, “Which of your books should I read first?”

The answer is, “Whichever one sounds most interesting to you! And you can read the first chapter of every one of them, for free, on my website!”

But a lot of folks still wonder what order to read the Magical Washington books.  I have a fun little chart that tells people the way the books relate to each other. But some people don’t know if they should read about witches first. Or vampires. Or warders. Or the magical hospital where all of them go to recover from threats to their supernatural health.

So, I decided to make things easy for folks. I decided to put the first book in every Magical Washington series into one boxed set.

A librarian who finds out she’s a witch—Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft.

A clerk of court for the vampire night court—Fright Court.

A warder who juggles work, warfare, and protecting Washington’s witches—The Library, the Witch, and the Warder.

A witch who loses her powers the night a Secret Service agent vampire appears in her hospital’s emergency room—The Witch Doctor Is In.

A little romance… A lot of magic… These four complete novels will show you the paranormal power behind the scenes in the nation’s capital!

Magical Washington: Four in Hand is available in stores today. I hope you’ll check it out!  (And once you own this great boxed set, you can start with whichever book you’d like!)

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Fae’s Anatomy Is In Stores Now!

One of the most common question authors receive is, “Where do you get your ideas?”  (There are jokes about buying them in Poughkeepsie or Schenectady — two places chosen, I’m sure, for how difficult they are to spell!) I don’t have any trouble coming up with ideas. But I always need help when it comes to titles.

Often, I’ll pose questions on my Facebook page, asking folks to help when I can’t come up with a title, or when I’m trying to decide between multiple titles. Sometimes, the people who answer come up with far better titles than I was considering on my own.

Several months ago, I posted about the first book in my Washington Medical: Vampire Ward Series — The Witch Doctor Is In. Mostly, I wanted to know if anyone found the title offensive, but I also asked if anyone had ideas for an alternative title. One person suggested Fae’s Anatomy.

Instantaneously, I knew I had to write that book. I knew it would include a fae princess. And I was certain it had a vampire (after all, when your series title contains the word “vampire” you know certain characters are certain to appear!)

The idea of a runaway bride came to mind fairly quickly. And I understood right away that my princess was being pursued by her very unsuitable, definitely-not-a-romantic-hero prince. While fleeing, she met the titular vampire.

I wrote a few chapters. I deleted them. I wrote a few more. I deleted those too. I struggled and fumbled and sobbed.

And then, I realized I was using the wrong name for my fae princess.  She was actually called Titania Silveroak. And my villain was named Oberon Blackthorne. My vampire hero was clearly Jonathan Weaver (after Bottom, the Weaver, in Titania and Oberon’s most famous tale.)

I grabbed the nearest copy of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the rest of Fae’s Anatomy wrote itself.

What’s the book about?  Here’s the back-of-the-book blurb:


Titania Silveroak: Fae princess. Con artist. Runaway bride.

Jonathan Weaver: Vampire. Doctor. Humorless SOB.

When Titania flees her controlling bridegroom, Oberon Blackthorne, she doesn’t have a plan. Arriving unexpectedly in the emergency room at Empire General Hospital, Titania resolves to work one escape-sustaining con—stealing Dr. Jonathan Weaver’s wallet. Oberon ups the ante, though, kidnapping Jonathan’s estranged daughter to bring Titania to heel.

Titania is desperate to avoid her murderous intended. Jonathan longs to rescue his daughter and heal the old rift between them. Oberon would gladly slay one or both of the supernatural creatures damaging his street cred. How will Titania and Jonathan join forces to send Oberon back to the Thousand-Oak Grove?


You can read a sample chapter here.

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(Print copies will be available soon!)

The Witch Doctor Is In!

The Witch Doctor Is In!

The Magical Washington Universe continues to expand!  Do you like witches? Vampires? Cozy paranormal romances that make you laugh out loud? Then the Washington Medical: Vampire Ward Series is just for you, starting with The Witch Doctor Is In.

What’s it all about?

Dr. Ashley McDonnell, a witch, always knew running a hospital for paranormal creatures would be a challenge. But then she lost her magical powers. And Empire General’s operating license was put in jeopardy. And the most valuable supernatural drug in all of Washington DC was stolen from the hospital’s impermeable safe.

Now, Ash must work to regain her lost powers, even as she fights to discover who is undermining the hospital’s upcoming inspection. All of which would be a lot easier if she weren’t distracted by Secret Service agent Nick Raines, a newly turned vampire who appeared at Empire General the night everything went wrong.

How can Ash regain her magic when the vampire making her hormones hum may be the man sabotaging her career?

The Witch Doctor Is In, the first volume in the Washington Medical: Vampires Ward Series, is available as an ebook and in print. The story takes place in the Magical Washington universeIt is part of the Love Spells line of laugh-out-loud cozy paranormal romances.

Read the first chapter for free. Or buy your copy today!

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The Library, the Witch, and the Warder

The Library, the Witch, and the Warder

Once upon a time (as the story goes), I had an idea for a novel. I sketched out the concept, and I sent an email to my agent with a two paragraph summary that began, “Jane Madison has a problem. Or two. Or three.” I ended up writing Girl’s Guide to Witchcraft.

While I was writing Jane’s book, I thought it was a fantasy novel. When it was published by Red Dress Ink, it was called a chicklit novel. “Chicklit”, though, became a dirty word in publishing, so when I released it with Book View Cafe, I called it a light paranormal novel.  Skip forward a dozen years, and Girl’s Guide is now firmly rooted in the “cozy paranormal” genre.

I’ve had an amazing time writing Jane’s story, which has spun out to five full-length novels, a couple of novellas, and a short story (with more to come!)  Along the way, though, I started to ask myself:  What about David?

I knew from his first Mr.-Rochester-esque appearance that David Montrose was Jane’s warder, her astral protector who guides her in her quest to use her powers. He was somewhat stiff in Girl’s Guide, a guy who followed the rules — until he didn’t. He kissed Jane when he had no business kissing her. He taught her the basics of witchcraft when he absolutely should not have taken on the role of instructor. He read her the riot act multiple times, until he didn’t show up at one of her key magical workings.

So, what was going on in David’s life?

David Montrose only appears in half a dozen scenes in Girl’s Guide. I had a lot of space to explore his independent story. From the Washington Witches Series, I knew he had a long-standing conflict with his boss at Hecate’s Court. And I quickly realized he was estranged from his father, one of the most respected warders in the history of American witchcraft. Before long, I discovered David’s best friend was a wolf shifter. And then the fire-wielding salamanders came into focus…

I ran into a few challenges writing The Library, the Witch, and the Warder. The timeline needed to match Jane’s story exactly. David had to make his appearances in Girl’s Guide, saying exactly the same lines at exactly the same time. But he also needed to meet his obligations to friends and family. He had his own substantial problems to resolve. And he had to have an excellent reason to miss out on Jane’s most important show of magical power.

My paramount concern was that David’s story had to stand on its own magical feet. It had to be read-able, separate and apart from the Washington Witches Series (or the Washington Vampires Series, my other books set in my Magical Washington Universe). Readers had to be able to enjoy David’s tale without being obligated to read all the rest of my cozy paranormal novels.

When I finished writing David’s story, I summed it up for the back of the book.  I’d known the first sentence of that blurb from the moment I started writing The Library, the Witch, and the Warder:  “David Montrose has a problem. Or two. Or three.”

Here’s the complete blurb:

Former warder David Montrose has a problem. Or two. Or three.

He’s been fired from his job protecting the witches of Washington DC. Now, he’s stuck working a dead-end job at Hecate’s Court while he tries to redeem his reputation and put his life back together.

Which would be a decent plan if things weren’t so…complicated. His new boss is a tyrant. His father says he’s disgraced the family name. And instead of sympathizing, his best friend is trying to drag him onto the front lines of an all-out supernatural war.

Just as David gets a glimpse of the elusive work-life-magic balance, he’s summoned back to warder status. His unexpected new charge is a captivating witch who possesses the strongest powers he’s ever seen. David already has enough on his plate. How can he possibly juggle work, warfare, and warding Jane Madison?

He’d better figure things out soon. Jane’s safety—and all of magical Washington—depends on him!

You can read the first chapter by clicking or tapping here.

And you can buy your copy today:

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Three Part Harmony

Three Part Harmony

Sometimes, the best-laid plans just fail to come together. That’s been the case with my Harmony Springs novels — spicy and sweet small-town contemporary romances. I think part of the reason they initially failed to find a home was their original names. The titles were all Sinatra songs — romantic, fun classics — what could be wrong with that?

Well, for one thing, people searching for my books found countless options to download Sinatra songs.

So, it was time for a change.

Fly Me to the Moon became Harmony Christmas.

Just One of Those Things became Harmony Hearts.

The Way You Look Tonight became Harmony Hero.

And the best news of all?  All three Harmony Springs romances are now available in a discount-priced boxed set! Get your copy wherever ebooks are sold.

Buy your ebook today:


This boxed set combines three spicy and sweet romances set in Harmony Springs, West Virginia, in the heart of the Shenandoah River Valley.

Harmony Christmas (Previously released as Fly Me to the Moon): Lexi Taylor survived a terrible fire. Tom Finnegan survived Afghanistan. When Tom literally stumbles into Lexi’s holiday store, he shatters dozens of ornaments, not to mention Lexi’s peace of mind. The only way he can repay her is to take on handyman work in her store. But “other duties as assigned” takes on new meaning when sparks sizzle between the couple. Can they heal each other’s scars?

Harmony Hearts (Previously released as Just One of Those Things): Matt Dawson, returning baseball hero, is opening a discount store in Harmony Springs. Emily Barton, who has an unfortunate romantic past with Matt, runs a knitting store on Main Street. When Emily recognizes a threat to the downtown shopping district, she organizes a grassroots campaign. Will she succeed at driving the American Discount store out of town—and Matt out of her life—forever?

Harmony Hero (Previously released as The Way You Look Tonight): Twenty-six-year-old Anne Barton has a secret: when she was twelve she caused a horrific fire. Forty-four-year-old firefighter Will O’Hara has his own secret: he’s terrified of public speaking. When a charity stunt pits Anne against Will, they recognize their scorching attraction for each other — but in this May-December relationship someone is sure to get burned!