BookQW (Book Quote Wednesday)


Each week, I choose one word to be used in BookQW, Book Quote Wednesday. Here’s how the game works:

1.  Each Wednesday, I post my standard #bookqw graphic at 9:00 Eastern Time with a tweet that announces the Book Quote Wednesday word. Authors don’t have to wait for my initial post, but I ask that they not post their #bookqw tweets until Wednesday.

2.  Authors can post a quote from a published book or a work in progress.  They should feel free to add a buy link, a link to a longer passage, or any other links, along with the hashtag #bookqw. If their quote is too long to fit on Twitter, they might consider making a graphic with the full quote instead.

3.  Authors should feel free to use any form of the word, even unconventional ones (e.g., for “fast” they could use fast, faster, fasting, breakfast, unfastening, etc.)  If they’d like, they can put a hashtag in front of the word or put it in all CAPS to make it stand out.  If they never use the word in any of their works, they should feel free to skip a week or to create a sentence just for the post or to use another somehow-related word.

4.  Authors can subscribe to the #bookqw newsletter to get advance notice of the #bookqw word (usually on Monday morning):