Opposites attract when a high-strung lady lawyer blackmails a superstitious, cocky baseball player in this sexy stand-alone baseball romance!

Logical lawyer Amanda Carter is on the brink of financial disaster and professional humiliation. She’s juggling her family’s crippling medical bills and a huge payment to make partner—nearly impossible burdens after her father stole her identity.

Easy-going right fielder Kyle Norton is mired in the worst hitting slump of his career, until a black-haired beauty in the stands offers him her sunglasses. Slump broken, superstitious Kyle wants Amanda at every game.

Desperate Amanda agrees, but she attaches some hefty strings—some might call her ultimatum blackmail. Soon, Amanda and Kyle are locked in battle, united by need, and consumed by passion.

How far are they willing to go, with a legal career and the World Series hanging in the balance?