Katie McIntyre Hits a Home Run (Ebook)


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Sportswriter Katie McIntyre thinks star pitcher Jason Price will be the perfect fling, a one-night stand to help her forget her cheating ex. Their hook-up is supposed to end with breakfast—but the coronavirus has other plans.

When Katie unexpectedly becomes her grandmother’s full-time caretaker, the disoriented elderly woman believes Jason is Katie’s devoted beau. Desperate, Katie pitches a pretend relationship to the star athlete. Jason knocks the fake-boyfriend ball out of the park.

Before long, the couple’s increasingly real alliance is tested by disastrous cooking, adult-themed donuts, and an irascible hairless cat. Worst of all, COVID quarantine magnifies one tiny secret (Katie’s) and one small lie (Jason’s.) With a relationship built on false pretenses, how do Katie and Jason avoid striking out?

Previously published as The C Word.