Fans of Aladdin can enter a whole new world—backstage on Broadway!

The complete As You Wish series in one bundle! This boxed set includes:

“Wishful Thinking”: Kelly Reilly’s acting career and love life are spiraling out of control before she receives a magic lamp, complete with a gender-bending, wish-granting genie.

Act One, Wish One: Kira Franklin, a stage manager, wishes to find true love while working on a production of Romeo and Juliet. Soon she has to decide between a gorgeous actor and a steady-going set designer—before her last wish runs out.

Wishing in the Wings: Producer Becca Morris gets the lamp—and the opportunity to make a difference with a brilliant new play (and its adorkable playwright), but only if she can find a way to finance the production before she runs out of wishes.

Wish Upon a Star: Erin Hollister, an actress, uses the lamp to land the musical theater role—and the man—of her dreams. But will she give up everything for a genie’s true love?

(Books in this box set were formerly released as How Not to Make a Wish, When Good Wishes Go Bad, and To Wish or Not To Wish.)