Lawyer Emily Holcomb is up for partner just as she’s appearing on a blockbuster reality TV cooking show. Extroverted Emily only has to wrap up a mammoth real estate deal in tiny Black Duck, West Virginia, and her dream career will be secured.

But Liam Thomas, the reluctant mayor of Black Duck, is determined to see Emily fail. The calm, reserved mountain man has a town to protect from invading corporate interests.

Emily is a fish out of water in small town Black Duck. Liam is equally at odds with life in big city Washington, DC. But opposites attract—and <i>this</i> attraction burns hotter than Emily and Liam’s arguments over who should own the town.

How can these star-crossed lovers remain true to themselves and the people who depend on them when they can’t even agree on what to eat for dinner?

If you fell hard for the feel-good rom-coms of Lucy Score, Pippa Grant, and Emily Henry, then settle in for a wild ride, because The B Word is the perfect romantic comedy escape for you!