Sometimes progress requires a battle…

Two years have passed since Rani Trader survived the intrigue that shattered her revered stained-glass-makers’ guild. Now, living in the royal palace, she is determined to rebuild the glasswrights’ lost guild, shard by jagged shard.

But Rani has violated her society’s strict conventions by changing castes, and someone in the royal family is determined to make her pay. Without warning, Rani is kidnapped and shipped across the sea to distant Amanthia.

There, Rani is quickly entangled in court intrigue. The Amanthian king vows to attack Rani’s homeland, relying on his legendary Little Army, a force like no other. The Little Army is utterly dedicated. It is eerily obedient. It is comprised entirely of indoctrinated children.

How can Rani gain her freedom without shedding the blood of innocents?