The Glasswrights’ Test (Ebook)


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Trying times and the ultimate test…

Rani Trader has spent the past nine years learning the secrets of making stained glass. Her guild, though, was banished because of mistakes she made years ago. Now twenty-one years old, Rani is ready to subject herself to the guild’s mercy while she proves she has the skills to be a master glasswright.

Rani hopes to make amends when she accompanies a princess to the guild’s new home in theocratic Brianta. Alas, Rani never imagines the threats awaiting the royal pilgrim she escorts. She isn’t prepared for the demands of the shadowy Fellowship of Jair—orders for Rani to kill once again. And she utterly fails to predict the overwhelming rage harbored by members of her lost guild…

What will Rani forfeit to protect the princess, meet the demands of her Fellowship, and be accepted by the glasswrights she once betrayed?