The coming-of-age story of Rani Trader, a young woman devoting her life to restoring her lost glasswrights guild.

The Glasswrights’ Apprentice: Rani Trader, an apprentice in the stained-glass-maker’s guild, witnesses a murder, and she’s accused of being the killer. On the run, Rani must masquerade through her kingdom’s strict castes, attempting to discover the true assassin.

The Glasswrights’ Progress: When Rani is kidnapped from her new home in the royal palace, she must depend on her wits to fight an enemy king in a distant land, a tyrant willing to use innocent children to fight his bloody battles.

The Glasswrights’ Journeyman: When Rani’s beloved city is destroyed by fire, the only hope for rebuilding is a royal marriage with a wealthy princess. Rani’s negotiations soon force her to choose between the ominous Spiderguild, the alluring Players, and Rani’s love for her king.

The Glasswrights’ Test: Rani Trader has finally been summoned by her exiled guild and invited to test for the rank of master. But she must prove far more than her knowledge of glassmaking, while lives of loved ones hang in the balance.

The Glasswrights’ Master: Rani Trader flees her homeland as enemy armies invade. Struggling to control mystical powers rising within her, she negotiates safety for herself, her king, and the royal heir. With armies arraying for the final battle, Rani fights to become the master of her fate—and her lost guild.