This bundle includes three full-length no-cliffhanger romantic comedies about Sarah Anderson, clerk of court for the vampire night court of Washington DC, plus a bonus vampire short story set in the same Magical Washington universe.

Fright Court: Sarah Anderson has her dream job: Clerk of Court. But after she’s attacked by a supernatural defendant, Sarah must learn self-defense from her alluring vampire boss. Soon, an engaging human reporter starts asking questions, and Sarah must protect the court’s secrets. How long can she juggle magical and mundane before she loses everything?

Law and Murder: Sarah Anderson’s testimony at the supernatural night court might put a bloodthirsty vampire behind bars—but when an ancient evil threatens the courthouse, Sarah’s arcane training goes into overdrive. She must embrace the magic within her…or die trying.

High Stakes Trial: Sarah Anderson’s dream job at the vampire court turns into a nightmare when she’s indicted for murder. Things get worse when she’s snared in a love triangle between a vampire and a sphinx. But Sarah’s true goal is finding her “missing piece”, her supernatural father. What does Sarah’s future hold—a jail cell, a lover, or a new type of magic?

“Stake Me Out to the Ball Game”: Ava Buchanan is a vampire with a toothache! Desperate for distraction, she heads to a baseball game. At the stadium, she finds herself seated next to the perfect man, Dennis Maugham. There’s just one catch: Dennis is human. Can Ava gain her heart’s desire while continuing to hide her supernatural existence?