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Mindy Klasky has written short stories and essays, in addition to her novels.

"The Darkbeast" is a short story available in FANTASTIC COMPANIONS (ISBN 1-550-41863-7), edited by Julie Czerneda and published by Fitzhenry & Whiteside. "The Darkbeast" tells the story of a young woman who must weigh her love for her closest friend against the deepest-held beliefs of her society.

cover of fantastic companions

"Catalog of Woes" is a short story available in SPACE, INC. (ISBN 0-756-40147-X), edited by Julie Czerneda and published by Daw Books. "Catalog of Woes" presents a librarian in a unique situation to save an entire species from extinction - if she only has the courage to act.

cover of space, inc.

"Joys and Jeremiads of Traditional Fantasy" is an essay available in NEBULA AWARDS SHOWCASE 2003 (ISBN 0-451-45909-1), edited by Nancy Kress. "Joys and Jeremiads" looks at the challenge of publishing fantasy stories that appeal to adults in an age that is dominated by children's books and fairy tales.

cover of nebula awards showcase 2003

"Saving the Skychildren" was published in the magazine Realms of Fantasy, October 2000. This short story ultimately became the second chapter of THE GLASSWRIGHTS' PROGRESS.

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